review: Smaller and smaller circles (F.H. Batacan)

Up: Literature and entertainment in one.
Down: maybe foreigners wouldn’t relate well with the setting

It’s Filipino literature at its best. Batacan is well deserving of the awards that this book received over the years. It was excellently written that even if you make the most equipped writers criticize the work they would utter praises. But not only that the book was literary excellent, it is only entertaining which not many books achieve. Most books are either well written for schools or entertaining for movies. Smaller and smaller circles is simply both with the serial killing concept and the reality of danger. Furthermore, it was an easy read for Filipino readers. It was set in a neighborhood were most of Filipinos live or aware of at the very list. I’m just not sure that readers from other countries would appreciate. All in all it was worth my time and I hope to read something like it sometime.

“Smaller and smaller circles is unique in Philippines Literary scene- a pinoy detective novel, both fast paced and intelligent, with a Jesuit priest, a forensic anthropologist, as the sleuth.”



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